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Welcome to LEVINCI – one of the leading Software Development & Outsourcing companies founded by motivated workers and technology entrepreneurs with a big mission – to help growing companies and SMEs turn their dreams into profitable business ventures.

Our Services

The outsourcing industry is vast, here are the specialist services we undertake throughout the software development lifecycle.

Software Development Services

We can handle all phases of software development from initial concept modeling through to operating, maintaining and exploiting software systems with millions of users per month.

Software Maintenance Services

Levinci maintenance and support services cover all IT systems development and support needs to keep everything operating smoothly. Our professionals identify, resolve and follow-ups on how to protect your software from unplanned outages.

Software Consulting Services

With many years of experience in the industry, across all fields, we can quickly get to the heart of the software problems you face. No matter if it’s a micro or a macro issue, we can give you the right advice.

Magento Development Services

Our Magento development services cover all technology-related demands of online businesses, be they on the stage of the website launch, migration or digital business transformation.

With more than 12 years of experience working on Magento platform, we have built a team of experienced software engineers who can solve almost all technical problems in applying Magento to projects. your e-commerce project.

Our Solutions

The outsourcing industry is vast, here are the specialist services we undertake throughout the software development lifecycle.

eCommerce Integration

We are using Magento (Adobe commerce) platform to provide eCommerce operations, improve team efficiency, and eliminate manual steps with complete automation and orchestration of your order-to-cash process, from digital store front to ERP, CRM, or fulfillment system.

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Enterprise Application

We understand that the “administration” factor in the business is different from normal management software. Besides, we have experience and know very well the difficult points in the process of implementing digital transformation for any business.

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FnB Loyalty Solution

Run loyalty programs that offer your customers rewards and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand. Especially in the food and beverage (FnB) business, where the service experience accounts for more than half of the product’s value.

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Our Way of Approach

Software is an abstract product, so development goals must be captured precisely from the outset. For any projects, we take it seriously through the following three steps:

Get Requirement

If you have a small idea spark, we will build the business model (BMC) or lean canvas. If you have a business plan we will define the features list.
Direction Arrows
Step 1

Data Analysis

Based on your software requirements, we bring together your external market data and internal resources for detailed analysis and feature feasibility testing.
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Step 2

Execution Plan

Depending on the requirements of each project, we advise customers to apply product development strategies with appropriate prices.
Step 3

Why choose Us?

Each business is unique and unlike any other. We want to provide you with results that follow your vision, target market, marketing objectives, competitive environment and distinctive competencies. We listen. We transform your vision into amazing results. We are confident that our business-oriented approach produces the most compelling and unique creative media, web and application design and marketing solutions. Here’s what we’re proud of that can make your product different:

DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines

Continuous software development encompasses many types of iterative software development, such as continuous delivery, continuous integration and deployment, continuous testing, and continuous deployment. Deployment Automation: The use of automated processes to transfer your applications between testing and production environments is known as deployment automation. This method is dependable and repeatable over the software development lifecycle.

Battle-Tested Support Team

Our team is composed of professionally-trained and highly-talented graphic designers, multimedia producers, programmers/coders, mobile app innovators, web copywriters, and e-marketing experts, who are passionate about their areas of expertise, and bring enthusiasm to each and every project.

Experienced Professionals

We are equipped with experienced professionals in every facet of web design, software development, creative media and marketing. Our team members all share the goal of creating innovative, customized, digital solutions that get results – and ultimately, qualified leads and sales to maximize your ROI.

Our Expertise

Our services are optimized to best serve:

Enterprise / Business owner

need to find long term partner to develop a professional and powerful e-commerce system

Marketing Agency / Outsourcing Company

need to hire a dedicated team, experts on specific technologies:

We have extensive experience working in the following areas:
Warehouse Management
Real Estate
Food & Drink
Beauty Salon
Customer loyalty
Social community
Event Booking
IoT Application
POS (point of sale)
Mobile application

If you need advice or determine SOW (statements of work), please take a look on our consulting services.

Technologies we work with


Back-end Framework:

Back-end programing language:

Front-end Framework:

Mobile programing language:

Cloud Platform:

CI/CD Technologies:

Test tools:

We define the software product life cycle as consisting of the following six phases:

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Business requirements are gathered in this phase. This phase is the main focus of the project managers and stake holders. Meetings with managers, stake holders and users are held in order to determine the requirements.These are general questions that get answered during a requirements gathering phase. After requirement gathering these requirements are analyzed for their validity and the possibility of incorporating the requirements in the system to be development is also studied.


In this phase the system and software design is prepared from the requirement specifications which were studied in the first phase. System Design helps in specifying hardware and system requirements and also helps in defining overall system architecture. The system design specifications serve as input for the next phase of the model.

Implementation / Coding

The work is divided in modules/units and actual coding is started. Since, in this phase the code is produced so it is the main focus for the developer. This is the longest phase of the software development life cycle.


After the code is developed it is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements phase. During this phase unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done.


After successful testing, the product is delivered/deployed to the customer for use. The rollout also includes training for the operations team and user support during the first weeks.

Maintenance & Operation

Technology changes faster and faster, leading to changing user habits. So the software features, or the website will always have to be taken care of, improved… these jobs belong to the software maintenance phase.

Besides, depending on the type of infrastructure and design architecture, the maintenance work for the required software may have to come with the work and costs of operating the system.

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