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DEMO FnB Online ordering solution

Vietnam Digital Ordering System with multi-store e-commerce solution for on-demand ordering and delivery.

Offering the best & complete online ordering management solutions for F&B.

Millions of orders were made with this platform, from little startups to the most prominent franchises worldwide.


Build Food Delivery Solution with Loyalty Programs

Jollibee is a phenomenal success story because just only two small ice-cream parlors established in 1975, specializing in sales of hot foods and sandwiches, then it became the company with seven stores in 1978, specializing in sales of hamburgers. Then it becomes a corporation creating the revolution of fast foods in Philippines. Currently, Jollibee has more than 900 stores in Philippines and nearly 300 stores in countries around the world such as US, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brunei, China, and Vietnam.


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