Digital Transformation in Project Management for Construction and Interior Design Company

At DB+ we understand how important it is to invest time in getting to know you and your business so we can deliver a truly innovative design and build the best solution for your place. Our team will accompany you right through the project timeline, ensuring your vision is delivered to meet your expectations – on time and on budget. We are committed to forging long-term partnerships with our clients, creating robust, flexible solutions which will address changing needs of your business in the future. The company principle of Architecture-Studio is the collective conception. From the very beginning, the practice has believed in the virtues of exchange, crossing ideas, common effort, shared knowledge and enthusiasm.

Project Description

Db Plus Creative Interior is in an endeavor to develop their business on a large scale, and they encounter management problems that any company has ever faced with such as: failure in personnel assessment, plan making and bad work efficiency, etc. Under that circumstance, they are in desperate need of deploying digital tools to strengthen the corporate governance apparatus and optimize their operation process.

Levinci breaks down challenges, consults and implements digital transformation for DBPlus Creative Interior with the “Push” strategy. Some of the modules deployed as follows:

  • Customer Portal
  • Project Management Tool
  • HR Management Tool
  • Financial Management Tool

Tags: Construction, Interior design, Building, Project management, ERP, Digital transformation


Transparent and straight-forward workflow and job assignment. Staff positions are better defined and distributed.

Accurate statistics of project status, facilitating managers to detect and fix
problems, making it much easier to make decisions.

The personnel system is evaluated more accurately based on the AI app scale,
promoting enthusiasm and spirit of dedication at work as a result. Bring in the company competitive advantage and breakthrough in the market.

DB Plus Project Management

Service Booking Platform for Multi-Providers

This is a product ordered by DBPlus Construction and Interior
Design Company, built for the purpose of management of their
project progress, documents, reports and project financial status.

Outstanding Features


Project portal for client (web-app)

Customer portal on web-based application

This portal is built for DBplus customers to update project progress via a website browser. In addition, the system supports DBplus customers to communicate with the company’s internal project team.

Outstanding features


Customer dashboard application (mobile)

Project report app for customers

The application enables DBPlus customers (project owners and
supervisors) to control the project status via mobile phones.

App name: DBPlus Project Control

  • Suitable for Android and IOS users.
  • Get daily project report and follow up current projects processes for different categories: MATERIAL, FITOUT, MEP, FURNITURE.
  • Users can give comment and feedback on the projects directly on the app.
  • Project timeline is included.
  • Project photos are updated daily.
  • After project is finished, clients confirm and admin closes the project.