In the dynamic landscape of Vietnam’s thriving tech industry, the demand for robust and tailored enterprise solutions continues to escalate, making Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems more crucial than ever. So what is the most reputable ERP development company in Vietnam? Let’s take a look at the top ERP development companies in Vietnam 2024 below!

Stages of implementing an ERP software

Stages of implementing an ERP software

Discovery and Planning

This initial phase focuses on understanding your company’s needs and goals.  Here, you’ll identify areas for improvement through the ERP system, such as inventory management or financial reporting. Business analysts will also assess your current processes and data to ensure a smooth integration with the new ERP.

Selection and Design

This stage involves choosing the most suitable ERP software for your business. factors to consider include functionalities offered, scalability, budget, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure. Once chosen, the team will design the system architecture and functionalities based on the business analysis. This involves defining the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), outlining data security protocols, and selecting the most appropriate technology stack.

Configuration and Development

In this phase, the ERP system is configured based on the chosen software and your specific requirements. This might involve customizing existing ERP modules or developing entirely new features to address your unique needs.

Data Migration and Testing

The process of moving data from the old system to the new system is extremely important. The data needs to be cleaned, formatted, and transferred accurately to ensure the system functions properly. Rigorous testing is also conducted at this stage,  involving unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT) to identify and fix any bugs or glitches before deployment.

Training and Deployment

Once testing is complete, the ERP system is deployed across your organization. This may involve training employees on how to use the new software and adapting workflows to the new system. Data migration from old systems also occurs during deployment.

Post-Go-Live Support

ERP implementation will likely be a period of adjustment and refinement as your team gets accustomed to the new system. Support from the development team is crucial during this stage to address any arising issues and ensure a smooth transition.

Why should you choose ERP development companies in Vietnam?

Reason to- choose a software development company in Vietnam

Cost savings

Vietnam offers competitive rates for IT services compared to more established outsourcing destinations. You can expect to find skilled developers at a fraction of the cost in Western countries.

Skilled workforce

Vietnam boasts a young and talented pool of IT professionals with strong technical skills and experience in various ERP solutions. Many Vietnamese developers are proficient in English, making communication and collaboration seamless.

Cultural alignment (for some)

Depending on your company’s location, there might be a cultural advantage to working with Vietnamese developers. The time zone difference between Vietnam and some Asian and European countries can be beneficial for efficient communication and project oversight

Understanding of local needs

If your target market includes Southeast Asia, Vietnamese developers might possess a deeper understanding of the regional business landscape and cultural nuances, which can be valuable for tailoring the ERP system.

Focus on emerging technologies

Vietnam’s tech industry is rapidly growing, and many development companies stay updated on the latest advancements. This can be beneficial if you’re looking for an ERP solution that incorporates cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing or business intelligence.

Some important factors to choose the right ERP development companies

Choosing the right ERP development company is crucial for the success of your ERP project. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right ERP development company:

  • Experience: Business should choose a company with proven experience in developing and implementing ERP systems for businesses in your industry.
  • Functional fit: Ensure the development company understands the specific functionalities you need in your ERP system. They should be able to assess your requirements and recommend solutions that align with your business goals
  • Implementation approach: You can look for a company that offers a phased approach with well-defined stages, allowing for customization and adjustments along the way.
  • Scalability: The right ERP development companies is a company that offers ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and support to ensure your system stays up-to-date and adapts to your evolving business requirements.

Top ERP development companies in Vietnam 2024

Levinci – The best ERP development company in Vietnam


Opening the list of companies implementing the most prestigious ERP systems in 2024 is Levinci. Levinci is one of the most reputable and quality ERP system development and implementation units in Vietnam that you should not miss. Levinci’s Custom ERP development service allows businesses to design systems that precisely align with their specific workflows, processes, and needs.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom ERPs are built from the ground up, ensuring that every feature and functionality serves a purpose and contributes to organizational efficiency. In particular, when choosing Levinci’s Custom ERP development service, new features and functionalities can be easily integrated, ensuring your system remains relevant as your needs evolve. 

Therefore, quickly contact Levinci if you want to improve your business operations, take better care of your customers and increase your competitive advantage!

One of the popular ERP development company in Vietnam – Aron


The second name in the list of top ERP development companies in Vietnam 2024 is Aron. ARON (full name is Aron Consulting Services JSC.), is a leading provider of IT services and consulting in Vietnam, specializing in implementing Oracle ERP solutions. Established in 2009, they boast a team of over 50 experienced Oracle specialists with a proven track record of success for nearly 50 Vietnamese businesses. 

Their core strength lies in implementing and optimizing Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EBS, and other Oracle applications like HCM (Human Capital Management), EPM (Enterprise Performance Management), and eAM (Enterprise Asset Management). 

TNO Systems Pte Ltd – The ERP development company not to be missed


Established in 2002, TNO Systems have carved a niche as a leading provider of mid-range, cloud-based ERP solutions specifically designed for the Asian market. With over 10 years of experience, TNO Systems boasts a clientele that includes both multinational corporations and local enterprises in the region.

In particular, their flagship product, Globe3, is a scalable, web-based ERP system catering to businesses with 10 to 200 users.  It offers a comprehensive suite of modules encompassing core functionalities like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management System, Financial Management and Human Resource Management (HRM). 

Titan Technology Corporation – The well-known ERP development company in Vietnam


Titan Technology Corporation is a software outsourcing company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, established in 2013. They specialize in outsourcing software development tasks, allowing global businesses to optimize project costs and access a pool of skilled developers, catering to various industries and domains.

Some of Titan’s popular software services include Full-cycle development, Product maintenance and support, Product verification, validation and automation development and System implementation, monitoring and support.

AHT Tech – The reputable ERP development company


AHT Tech, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a prominent information technology (IT) solutions provider with a global reach. They offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing various technological domains to empower businesses of all sizes, including e-commerce, advertising and marketing, business services, information technology, and more. 

In particular, AHT Tech can build custom ERP systems tailored to your specific business needs, fostering automation and optimizing internal processes to deliver tangible results with Acumatica Cloud ERP solutions or Salesforce – the number 1 CX Platform, so on.

Gimasys – The long-standing ERP development company


Gimasys, founded in 2004, is a company specializing in CRM, ERM and SI consulting for all domestic and foreign businesses. Gimasys works closely with customers to research and develop appropriate technology solutions to meet their unique needs. 

Gimasys offers a comprehensive range of IT solutions, potentially including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Cloud Computing Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics.

Gimasys’ technology services will give customers an overview of business activities, thereby helping businesses make more accurate decisions in the process of monitoring, operating and developing in the future.

CMC Consulting – The highest quality ERP development company


CMC Consulting, established in early 2008, has quickly become a prominent name in the Vietnamese IT landscape. CMC Consulting positions itself as a comprehensive digital transformation solutions provider, with a particular focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting and implementation. 

CMC Consulting’s goal is to provide Vietnamese and foreign customers with comprehensive business management software solutions and services, helping businesses optimize production processes, reduce costs and gain profits. 


From established industry leaders to emerging startups, these companies epitomize excellence in ERP development, offering cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of businesses in Vietnam and beyond. Hope you can choose the right ERP development company. If you’re a business in Vietnam looking to leverage the power of ERP solutions to streamline operations and optimize performance, Levinci is definitely a company to consider. 

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Seeking a reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development partner in Vietnam? Here is a list of the top ERP development companies in Vietnam 2024.
Top ERP development companies in Vietnam 2024

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