Build POS Ecosystems base on Cloud Computing for retailer and restaurant

Harmony Payment Systems was founded in 2008, specializing in providing payment solutions for small and medium size businesses and stores. The company’s system of products and services is located in most of the U.S. states.

Project Description

In 2018, Mr. Jerry Nguyen (CEO of Harmony Payment System LLC and HarmonyPay Inc) came to Levinci with the demand to build a POS system integrated with the hardware platform and the payment service that the company was providing.

It is a big and bold idea, which leads to a tremendous change in how hundreds of thousands of small stores operate their businesses. Acknowledging this quest, Levinci established a team with our top-tier individuals to ensure a successful project.

The system was initially defined as 3 separate applications, then Levinci has continuously built and integrated a variety of applications into the Harmony Pay Inc ecosystem to support their diversified sales and service channels, realizing Harmony’s expectations.

Technologies: Azure, .NET Core API, React Native, Reactjs, Signalr

Tag: POS, SaaS, eCommerce, Cloud, Retailer, Restaurant, Nails, Beauty, Hardware, Cashier, Payment, Mobile application, Tablet



On May 1, 2019 at Vegas Expo – USA, HarmonyPay Inc launched HarmonyPay Consumer App and Salon HarmonyPay Merchant App on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Learning from the hands-on experience relating to user needs from HarmonyPay management team, we have created a number of powerful tools in software and services for store owners to be more productive, work less and earn more. In the future, we will continue to innovate and provide more solutions for small and medium enterprises in other sectors of the same industry. 

List of applications in HarmonyPay system (updated to 2022):

1. HarmonyPay For Consumer
2. Harmony One
3. Harmony POS (merchant service)
4. HarmonyPay Check-In
5. HarmonyPay Staff
6. HP Web Portal
7. HP Digital websites
8. NailsZone Community (scheduled to launch in 2023)

HarmonyPay Application for consumer

Service booking platform for multi-providers

Booking application for users of beauty services, restaurant services, etc. Users can modify and confirm appointments directly with the store, see exactly how much will be charged for the services. Besides, the application accepts online payments, making it a more seamless and convenient service experience.

Outstanding Features: Premier Local Marketing

Users can view the best deals in their area in real-time, which providing them with extra service options.


Harmony One Application for freelancer and shop owner

Mini POS

This application is built for beauty shop owners, freelance stylists,
beauticians, etc. It is definitely the most powerful compact POS System in the palm of your hand. The UI/UX designs are extremely user-friendly for general users, and possess all powerful features of HarmonyPay complete POS System.

Outstanding Features: Premier Local Marketing


Harmony POS (merchant service)

Service booking platform for multi-providers

POS (point of sale) and sales management application for store owners.

  • An integrated application for busy owners to schedule appointments, process payments,
    implement marketing programs and flexible promotions such as gift cards and rewards.
  • Optimize management time with appointment management, automatic check-in and effective
    customer list tracking.
  • Accept various payment methods including full payments, partial payments, group payments,
    and customizable receipts.
  • Store owners can promote utilities available from time to time, corresponding to each customer segment.

Outstanding features:

  • Gift card and reward point system deployed for separate stores, facilitating direct transactions,
    maximizing costs and profits.
  • A variety of available adjustable options and a wide range of pre-designed gift cards.
  • Compatible with any popular payment service. Card payments accepted in any country.


HarmonyPay Check-In

Service booking platform for multi-providers

This application allows customers to self-check-in and register information at the counter.

  • Synchronize with applications for customers in the
    HarmonyPay ecosystem.
  • Customers can choose the time, type of service and
    other details.
  • Automatically inform the seller of the customer’s
    demands and ensure time-efficient communication.
  • Automatically sort completed reservations and new


HarmonyPay Staff

Service booking platform for multi-providers

This application is designed for employees of the

  • Each employee can manage their own schedule,
    their individual customers and salary.
  • User-friendly system.
  • Allows synchronization with other applications in
    the HarmonyPay ecosystem.


Merchant Web Portal

Service booking platform for multi-providers

This is a Web-based application that allows store owners to replace miniature ERP systems.

  • Users can customize the salon’s operating settings.
  • View reports and forecast revenues.
  • Check goods and manage service quality.
  • Manage employee and customer information.
  • Other administrative features.


Fancy Nails & Spa

Industries: Nails & Beauty Spa
Project type: Long-term cooperation
Location: United States
First release date: June, 2020

Nextgen PMU Academy

Industries: Beauty Academy
Project type: Long-term cooperation
Location: United States
First release date: March, 2019

Tre Nails Lounge

Industries: Nails & Beauty Spa
Project type: Long-term cooperation
Location: United States, Canada, Vietnam
First release date: February, 2019

Luxury Nail & Foot Massage

Industries: Nails & Beauty Spa
Project type: Long-term cooperation
Location: United States
First release date: November, 2021

HP Digital websites

Popular websites

The system of websites is designed and built expeditiously (less than 1 week). The standardized process and well-trained support team bring in stunning products to customers within an incredibly short time.