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Dương Tấn Nghĩa

CEO at Levinci

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.

Leonardo da Vinci

In his 10 years of startup experience and 7 years as CEO of SMEs, William has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and creative problem-solving.

Under William’s leadership, Levinci has thrived, offering exceptional software design and outsourcing services. His passion for helping people, coupled with a focus on smart work, sets the tone for Levinci’s success in tackling real business challenges and transforming ideas into technological reality. As the driving force behind the company’s growth, William’s vision continues to propel Levinci to new heights in the software development landscape.

Our Expertise

Our services are optimized to best serve:

Enterprise / Business owner

need to find long term partner to develop a professional and powerful e-commerce system

Marketing Agency / Outsourcing Company

need to hire a dedicated team, experts on specific technologies:

We have extensive experience working in the following areas:
Warehouse Management
Real Estate
Food & Drink
Beauty Salon
Customer loyalty
Social community
Event Booking
IoT Application
POS (point of sale)
Mobile application

If you need advice or determine SOW (statements of work), please take a look on our consulting services.