Top 10 IT outsourcing companies in Global Markets 2024

As the IT outsourcing market continues its explosive growth, choosing a partner to deploy an information technology system that meets the unique needs of businesses becomes more difficult than ever. This article will highlight 10 of the most prominent IT outsourcing companies in 2024 to help businesses choose the right unit.

How do IT outsourcing companies help your business?

Businesses can reap several benefits from partnering with IT outsourcing companies. Here are some key advantages:

  • Cost Saving: IT outsourcing companies can help businesses reduce the costs needed for long-term employees, IT infrastructure, equipment, etc. This can reduce overall costs for the entire enterprise.
  • Access to modern technologies and expertise: When cooperating with IT outsourcing companies, you will have the opportunity to access a team of experienced experts and stay updated with the latest technologies and industry trends, ensuring your business benefits from cutting-edge solutions.
  • Scalability: You can easily scale up or down your IT operations based on your business demands, without having to worry about staffing fluctuations. This flexibility is essential for businesses, especially going through growth or recession periods.
  • Security: Businesses can take advantage of the security protocols and expertise of IT outsourcing companies, which can give you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure, leading to mitigating IT risks for your business.

Top 10 IT outsourcing companies in the world

Levinci – Fully managed IT Consulting Service for your business


Levinci - IT outsourcing company

Levinci is a premier IT consulting firm that offers fully managed IT consulting services. This means they can handle all your business’s IT needs on a subscription basis, freeing you to focus on your core operations. 

Levinci doesn’t just handle day-to-day tasks. They offer strategic consultations to help you plan for the future. Working collaboratively, they can analyze your IT needs, identify areas for improvement, and develop a long-term IT roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your overall business goals.

Levinci provides many IT services including IT Solution Consulting, Software System Maintenance, DevOps, Software Development, Magento Development and Custom ERP Development. Their expertise in software development, knowledge of emerging technologies, and global presence make them a strong contender for companies seeking a reliable partner in their development journey.



OpenXcell is a prominent IT services and solutions provider known for delivering high-quality software development, mobile app development, and custom IT solutions. Established in 2009, OpenXcell has built a strong reputation for innovation, reliability, and customer-centric services.

Known for adopting the latest technologies and best practices, OpenXcell ensures high-quality and innovative solutions. OpenXcell will work closely with businesses to understand their requirements, and then develop, design, and deliver tailored solutions to drive business growth.

Wednesday Solutions


Wednesday Solutions is an IT outsourcing company based in Pune, India, specializing in cloud solutions and development services. They focus on helping businesses optimize their IT operations and achieve growth.

The company has worked with a wide array of clients, from startups to established enterprises, delivering successful projects across various domains. Wednesday Solutions serves a diverse range of industries, including: Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Education, Travel and Hospitality, Logistics and Entertainment. Wednesday Solutions’ core services are Data Engineering, Applied AI, and Application Development & Modernization.



Andersen is a renowned international software development company that offers a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Andersen has positioned itself as a reliable partner for businesses looking to leverage technology for growth and efficiency.

Since 2007, Andersen has cooperated with many famous businesses around the globe to implement complex projects and meet all their needs in the future development process. The main areas of Andersen are FinTech, Banking, Investment, and Insurance.



Scalo, formerly known as NBC IT Outsourcing, is a Polish software development company that has rebranded itself as a  “Software Partner”. Scalo goes beyond simply providing IT outsourcing services. They aim to build true partnerships with their clients by understanding client needs to tailor their solutions accordingly; communicating keeping their clients informed throughout the development process and helping your business achieve sustainable growth through technology.

With over 17 years of experience in the global software development market, Scalo provides many services such as technology consulting, custom software development, embedded solutions, cloud services, data & AI innovations, and comprehensive IT outsourcing.

Iron Forge Development


Iron Forge Development is a software development agency based in Wisconsin, USA, specializing in crafting web and mobile applications. They focus on taking your ideas from conception all the way to launch and beyond, offering a comprehensive development lifecycle experience for their clients. All are built on the most advanced technology and are infinitely scalable.

Iron Forge Development provides many important information technology services such as IT Consulting, In-Person Workshops, Custom Web Development, Custom iOS, Development, Custom Android Development, ERP Consulting, Discovery Processes, Ongoing Software Maintenance, UI/UX and Design. 

Software Mind


Software Mind is a global company acting as a digital transformation partner for businesses. They focus on providing a wide range of IT services and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries including Finance and Banking, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Retail and e-commerce, Energy and Utilities, Logistics and Transportation, Technology and Startups.



Dreamix is ​​a Europe-based IT outsourcing company, specializing in bespoke software development. They have been in operation since 2005, boasting over 17 years of experience in the industry, and are a leading partner in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Dreamix provides comprehensive software development and information technology consulting services from design to implementation and support. With more than 17 years of experience, Dreamix has achieved many achievements in web application development, AI and ML, cloud computing, enterprise-grade digital transformation and modernization, and more in many different fields such as Healthcare, Fintech, Transportation, Logistics, E-Commerce, Aviation, and others.

Teravision Technologies


Teravision Technologies is a Nearshore software outsourcing company with over 17 years of experience in designing, developing and quality assurance of customized technology solutions for a variety of large and small businesses in Europe. They have a team of over 300 software professionals located in Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Teravision Technologies provides software services such as IT outsourcing, UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development, Business Analysis and Product Ownership, QA Analysis, DevOps, and Project Rescue. Their industry and project specializations are Financial, Wearables, Healthcare, and Entertainment.

Capital Numbers


Capital Numbers has been in operation since 2012, with headquarters in Kolkata, India, and additional offices in the USA, Sweden, and Australia. Capital Numbers boasts expertise in working with over 40 different technologies, allowing them to tackle a wide range of project requirements. 

They prioritize developing custom software solutions that align with your specific business goals and challenges through services such as IT outsourcing, Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, QA, Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering & Analytics, AI/ML/GenAI, UI/UX Design, and Emerging Tech.


The same article provides information about the list of top 10 IT outsourcing companies in Global Markets 2024 that businesses need to keep in mind when looking for a suitable partner. Among them, Levinci is the outstanding IT outsourcing company that you should not miss.

Levinci acts as your trusted IT partner, taking care of all your business’s IT needs on a subscription basis, allowing you to focus on your core operations and achieve your strategic goals. To learn more about how Levinci can transform your IT landscape, explore their website by clicking the link or contact them directly for a personalized consultation.

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As the IT outsourcing market continues its explosive growth, choosing a partner to deploy an information technology system that meets the unique needs of businesses becomes more difficult than ever. This article will highlight 10 of the most prominent IT outsourcing companies in 2024 to help businesses choose the right unit.
Top 10 IT outsourcing companies in Global Markets 2024

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